:: getting comfy with putting yourself out there ::

:: Sweetline's, Rebecca, chatting in front of a whole lot of people and feeling comfortable about it - although using a mic is still a work-in-progress ::

for most of my career, I've been a behind-the-scenes gal, project managing production jobs and in the last few years writing and blogging. but after starting blog out loud, I've been {forced} to get more comfortable with speaking in front of large groups of people. hmmm, this was not so easy at first but after some time and a promise to myself to "relax, have fun and enjoy it!" my ability to find ease with being in public and being myself has become more of a reality. the neat thing is it's' helped me in my writing and blogging as well. 

the whole point of this blogging and social media thing it to be yourself. when you define your blog voice, you may sometimes feel silly writing behind a computer screen or sharing more personal stories. BUT the idea that you can + will connect with some other like-minded person is pretty amazing! The rewards for hearing that you inspired someone makes getting comfy with putting yourself out there even easier. Consider this when you begin writing your blog. 

:: image from Rebecca speaking at Blog Out Loud 3 ::


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