aside from Sweetline, you can find me in a few places in the blogosphere. I love home design and style and contribute to a few design sites and communities.Come say hello!

loving. living. small.

  • I started blogging in January 2008 with my shelter blog dedicated to small space living in style – loving. living. small. two years and well over a half a million page views later, loving. living. small. has become a go-to blog for urban small space dwellers who emotionally and physically embrace living in small footprint.

      blog out loud

      • I create and co-founded Blog Out Loud in June 2009 after attending a design panel and observing how many of the attendees – mostly interior designers – didn’t know what a blog was and the incredible free marketing power it could have on a brand. Focusing on creative people who are new to the blogosphere, Blog Out Loud  is simply a place to gather inspiration to embrace social media. We have now held 5 outstanding offline events featuring established bloggers and social media mavens sharing their stories and style. We also have a dynamic blog, webisodes from the events and a network.

          apartment therapy

          • I still get excited to think that I’ve been part if this pioneering home design website featuring a vertical network of home design blogs. As a contributor to ATLA for the last 1.5 years, I’ve been able to reach millions of people per month, posting about home design living, style and comfort. My personal style of writing is about being thoughtful in one's home and I often post about things that will make you happy in your space, handling small space cabin fever and I have even shared my own small space with the large community.