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Sweetline's re-launch!

:: oh la la, a sneak peek at the *new* Sweetline site ::

like anything in life, feeling comfortable and ok is what it's about, right!? as much as you know something feels good, you also know when, well, you don't feel ok. I spent the last three months working with a vendor to get my own online presence up and running for this little company, Sweetline. What started as an exciting venture has ended in a not as bright light. But that's ok - working with different personalities and people's styles allows you to grow and evolve. So does making the right decision.

So here's the deal...

A few days ago, I decided to re-do Sweetline's site and the Sweetline blog myself using a fantastic + super affordable templated site that I have used before and I switched the blog over to Blogger and redesigned it. (I had tried Wordpress but I just love Blogger plus they have completely evolved into Blogger 2.0. It's amazing!). Although this is the route I went, I hope you consider all avenues as you get your own site up online. (and I'll be with you every step of the way!)

I am just wrapping up the last details and will relaunch next week. I am *really* happy with my new site & blog and feel that it's much more me and much more Sweetline. And that's what it's about and the heart of Sweetline - to work with talented and amazing people like YOU and help you with the process of getting up online in a way that makes YOU feel good and solid about your brand. So much so that you can scream it from the hills, or the social media hills.

So in the meantime, if you've already subscribed to the Sweetline blog (and many of you have - thank you!!!!), please take a moment and CLICK HERE to re-subscribe for free. And here's what's in store for you next week.

  • The official relaunch of Sweetline - woo hoo!
  • Sweetline's new interview series, SHINE ONLINE, featuring savvy bloggers & brands that make it look easy.
  • An example of a horizontal integrated post theme that will get you motivated to blog, blog, blog.
  • The brand new Sweetline Suggestions tab - 20 of the best blogs and sites you HAVE to bookmark! Check these out now since Sweetline will be curating this section every few weeks to keep you updated with gems for inspiration.
  • 15% off the Sweetline process. Email to get going | rebecca@sweetlineagency.com

Ok, new friends, I am super excited to begin this fabulous + exciting adventure with you!

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