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NorthBay SocialBiz 2010 Media Conference | 4/30 | Petaluma, CA

I wanted to share a neat conference that's coming up in a few weeks - NorthBay SocialBiz 2010 Media Conference. I am thrilled to be speaking at it. My topic - Blogging for Business. I love the idea of creative brands using tools like blogging and twitter to connect to like-minded e-friends and new clients and customers. (Pretty much the foundation for Sweetline -yes!!) I'll be holding 4 mini-workshops and sharing thoughts on really defining your social media voice (like this post right here), how to manage a time schedule and build your own community and connect with other communities.

If you live in the Bay Area and are a small business owner - you should go!! There's a ton of fantastic speakers, panels and workshops throughout the entire day! Click here for all details on the NorthBay SocialBiz day. And click here to follow this neat group on twitter.

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