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music-based social networks provide another creative connection

ok creative people, I know you are music lovers at heart! whether you are an artist creating your next installation, a shop owner getting ready for your season, an interior designer creating a mood board for a client, music can help you along on your creative way. If you prefer beats + notes to a facebook fan page, then consider sharing your fave tunes with your own social community as a way of connecting?

I am definitely inspired by my friends' musical taste + style and love being tuned in to what is on their radar. (seriously, my dear friend has some serious musical love and is super on the pulse) She recently sent me "what's she listening to" by way of blip.fm, a social network for music lovers to share + tweet their current faves and inspiring songs. Consider checking out a social media community like this one, if music suits your soul. You are sharing who you are w your clients and customers while being true to yourself. Gotta love that! Want to hear some of my friend's finds - click here to check out her DJ style.

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