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ROI takes time so stay the course

if you haven't jumped into social media yet, it's ok. trust me! every day, every hour, people are looking to e-connect so when you get up and running, you'll be fine. I think it's important to look at your social networks as long-term investments, like any real relationship. getting to know someone takes time. If you nurture your networks by saying hello, checking in, engaging, you'll maintain a strong network and build trust.

The other day, I had an incredible social network reward, incredible! I can't share the news just yet but I can say that a wonderful opportunity opened up for me and it's because of my social networks. And it was as simple as saying hello and getting to e-know people that inspire you. Now don't get me wrong, there are months when I wonder "what is this all worth?" being online, away from my family, etc. but it is worth it! for you and your business.
So stay the course, build your e-friendships, say hello! you never know what a simple "hi, love you blog" can turn into!

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