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 the Sweetline blog as seen on the very new ipad.  
I picked a designed template to help convey the look + feel I wanted for this blog. 
Trying to design it myself did not make sense for me.

do you have a digital resume? I created one for myself a few years ago to stay on the pulse after learning more about iweb, a mac application that provides very easy-to-use templates to create websites. so instead of having one static piece of paper with my professional goals + history, I have a 15 page fluid site that shows my brand experience, reel and more. the resume site has the info, my voice and all that good stuff that I want to showcase but I am still working on it. Yea, two years later and 8 or 9 versions later, still working. Maybe because I chose to design it myself?  I am not a designer but wanted to see what I could do. I do like the site and it feels like me (let's just say I am cool sending it out and standing behind it as the "first thing a potential new employer will see about me".) but I know it could be more. This is for my resume but the same idea can be applied to your brand.

Why is it hard for non-designers to design and why don't I have a designer help?

Because that's just not what we really do. For me, I love to write, project manage and create ideas. I am not a technical designer, more of a verbal one (in my mind anyway). If you are like me, then really consider having someone design your online presence for your company. Yes, you will have tons of your own voice and personality in your site and social media communities but you are also getting an evolved creative platform to better show who you are + what you do + why people work with you. Like any full project, collaboration is key and investing in your presence will allow your "first glimpse by potential new clients" be that much better.

:: photo courtesy of new ipad owner, @typefiend ::

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