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one of the first {and important} steps when getting your online presence up and running is to define your voice. over at Blog Out Loud, I always say that "your website is your professional voice and your blog is your personality, a peek behind the curtain of who you are and what your company stands for". yes! So how do you do this - decide your tone for your website? for your blog? for your twitter? for your facebook? yea, there's a lot of communities here. but here's the deal, follow these 12 tips and you will feel comfortable and solid with your online persona in each of your platforms.



Tip #1 :: Embrace your mission statement
As a small business owner, you most likely created some functioning business plan. Take a look at this again, specifically your mission statement. This IS your business and, therefore, your voice for your website content. Your mission statement should clearly state what am I selling, to whom am I selling to and what make me uniquely different? Follow this tone on your website, your professional platform.

Tip #2 :: Stay on point with your brand image
Your brand image visually tells people what your company is about. Consider following this feeling and vibe in your online tone. When writing content for your website, you'll want to continue to express your image.

Tip #3 :: Short and sweet
When shaping your editorial voice, your thoughts and ideas should be thoughful, short and to the point. Wordy, inconsistent ideas won't make sense on your website. (honestly, those can fit into your blog - why not?!)



Tip #1 :: What type of blog do you want?
First, figure out the type of blog you want to complement your company. This will then help you define the tone of the blog. Do you want it to be about your culture? Do you want it to be a personal blog, from your perspective only? Will it be a blog that curates other ideas from other places? Any direction is cool, just consider this as you begin. Click here to read a post over at BOL about defining your blog style.

Tip #2 :: Keep it real
Your blog voice really should be an extension of your personality. Use the free and fun platform that "blogging" is all about to share with your readers who you are, the person behind the brand. Whether you blog from a business persona or a personal one, being authentic and real needs to play on your blog and in your voice.

Tip #3 :: Figure out who your audience is
A great tip for defining your blog voice is to understand exactly who you are writing to?! Over at BOL, I am writing to new bloggers so I often write in a tone that appeals to them, for ex, explaining certain terms that maybe others already would know. Over at Designer Marketplace, I am writing to designers so I speak to them and understand they are looking for inspiration for their own clients, etc.



Tip #1 :: Mix it up!!!
Yes, this is the best tip for you new twitter-ers! Mix up your voice on your tweets  - a combo of your blog headlines, client successes and your own adventures. On @lovelivesmall, i'll tweet about a new interview on A SMALL CHAT (via my blog), I'll reply to a twitter e-friend and I'll share that I am in Laguna Beach w my bff! All of these tweets are from different parts of my e-life but I am sharing all of that w my community.Many twitter followers don't want to read a robot-like twitter person -that's just not very fun to read about, right?

Tip #2 :: Your twitter name should be your persona
I made a decision to go on twitter as @sweetlineagency, my persona for Sweetline, my online brand project management company. My bio states this and most of my tweets stay within the realm of social media, lifestyle, small biz, etc. Sure, I'll mix it up but I like to stay on track. I don't have an @rebeccaorlov twitter, but if I did, this would be where I share all about me, my friends, what I am up to. So if your handle is your company name, stay consistent with that. If you want to tweet from you - set up another twitter account that's special for just you.

Tip #3 :: Say hi - to everyone you can!
Be real and be likeable by staying connected with people that engage you and people you want to meet. No one wants to follow someone who only talks about themselves.



Tip #1 :: Decide if this group will be uniquely different from your other groups
Many brands have fantastic fb fan pages where they post exclusive and interesting notes for their communitites. A very "special to the inside crowd" type feeling. If this is what you want (and why wouldn't you?), make sure to post uniquely for your fb fans vs just reposting blog or twitter ideas.This will really appeal to your fans and they will know to expect special things from you!

Tip #2 :: Again, keep it real!
Like all of your other communities, keep it real! Just like your personal fb page with your own friends, chat with your fb fans, get to know them, share who you are.  Sure, you can highlight business success and posts but engage!

Tip #3 :: Share Your business self
This is also a place to consider giveaways and freebies via your business. Of course, blogging and twittering about these is great too but fb is really a functioning community in one place - embrace your fans!
All of your communities should be a place for you to shine! Consider using each community together but try to make each one unique, interesting and relevant for you.

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