:: give it away, give it away, give it away now ::

early on in my blogging journey (yep, way back in Jan '08), I quickly and happily observed and noted the very generous style of the general blogging community by way of freebies! they were and are everywhere, in every genre! Whether it's a free social media guide, free tutorials, free fonts or a free magazine, giving a bit away attracts a lot of love!

one of my fave, urban outfitters super eclectic blog that gives tons of music away - for free!! downloads of interesting and funky tunes are available via playlists or on Music Mondays (also a #musicmonday twitter convo) and i think this is a fab example of the idea that generosity and connecting works on every and any level!
so how does this work in your world? consider you services and find a way to give a bit of who you are and what you do to your community. You will definitely find rewards in giving. Have fun!

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