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6 unspoken ways to ride the social media wave

like any relationship - friends, family, clients, vendors - being respectful, cool and kind is the way to go. Many of the rules and ideas you follow in life should apply to your social media life as well.  I want to share six of the "unspoken rules of social media etiquette" that I've learned along the way.

Be yourself! Forget the overly pitchy, salesy post or comment and just act as you normally would. You'll attract a lot more love when people feel that they can relate to you. Yes, there is room in your social media world to highlight your services, products (i.e. your pitches) but keep it within your social media voice that you've defined for yourself.

SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE #2 :: Don't Be Self-Serving
No one wants to hang out with someone who only talks about themselves and this applies 100% to social media. When you are crafting your blog posts and tweets, talk about your company, culture, clients, basically the personality behind your brand.

Along the lines of not being too self-serving, definitely engage and embrace other blogs, facebook fan pages and twitter e-friends that inspire and interest you - and TELL them! Comment and comment often. Not only are you connecting with a creative that inspires you, you most likely will pick up a follower of your own (and even their community!)

SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE #4 :: Don't hit up brand new people for favors
I would imagine that you wouldn't ask someone you just met for a big favor - and the same goes online. Definitely comment or send an email with a "hello, how are you? love your blog, etc" and take it from there. if an e-friendship forms (and it most likely will!), then you can consider asking for a favor, maybe a cross-post or a blogroll exchange.

SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE #5 :: Length and style of comments
Commenting is a huge part of the blogosphere and get in there and have fun. But if you really have a lot to say about a blog post or to the blogger then send an email. a 4-paragraph story about your opinion is not the best way to go. Comments are just that - short statements about the post itself. And don't leave a comment that is not about the post or that directs people only back to your blog. You are definitely welcome to sign your comment with your blog URL - that's acceptable. But be considerate about how much you are directing people back to your own thing.

SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE #6 :: Keep it positive
Sometimes you may get a not so nice comment - it happens to everyone! But don't let this most likely Anonymous comment-leaver get you down and don't let them spin you into leaving a negative comment in return. Remember that things stay online - forever - so leaving a trail of your own not-so-nice responses may not be a good thing. Let it slide and delete it. Definitely moderate your comments - this is ok to do too.

All of these ideas are about being thoughtful about your brand and your e-friends - and that's what it's about!

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