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I often tell small business owners to share their inspirations for why they sell something in particular in their blog posts. This is the perfect opportunity and arena to offer more of who you are and what drives you with your customers, clients, etc.

A shop owner I worked with sells gorgeous pillows - but I've also seen these same pillows at a few other stores - both brick and mortar and online. As a consumer, what would prompt me to buy her pillows? Well, she shared a neat story about how she was traveling to visit her family and revisited her childhood school where she saw some kids' paintings. The vibrant colors of the care-free kids' artwork reminded her of her own love for art + creativity. When she went on her buying trip a few weeks later, these gorgeous pillows reminded her of the painting, the inspiration, the style (you get where I'm going!)

I love that she shared this on her blog because it both provides information about the shop owner's love of art but how important are is to her. This blog post can easily inspire another shopper-who-is-also-an-artist and prompt the shopper to support this particular vendor. The shopper related to the owner's story. Use your blog as a place to tell stories about why and how you shop for your store or why you enjoy working with certain clients. People crave human nature and want to relate to you!

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