:: what does community mean to you? ::

if you've followed the social media wave at all (and I am sure you have!) then you definitely have heard the term community being used - and used a lot. What do you think about this word - does it really fit? I think - YES!

I checked out some definitions of community and liked this one - featured above. I really do believe that the word being used in social media is representative of the idea + vision of community. It's simple, it's honest, it's people relating to people and coming together because of it. Wow - this has made business and engaging with consumers a pretty neat and special experience. Why wouldn't you want to get in the social media mix? Life is busy and day-to-day details are too but if you have time to enjoy a cup of coffee, you have time to build your community. It takes a bit of a learning curve (like anything worthwhile, right?!?!) so go for it, meet new friends and build your brand and your community.

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