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how a simple tweet can impact your brand

Sweetline's been chatting about twitter quite a bit on the blog because next to your website, twitter is the most important online tool for your business. here's a story that will inspire you to get on twitter and connect with like-minded people that can be potential business partners, clients or supporters.

When I was in NYC a few weeks ago for a little R & R, I had a business meeting in mid-town. As I wandered a bit through the chaos of Times Square, I noticed a tent in the middle of the square with Key To The City on the awning. Right away I knew what it was because of Twitter. One of the brands I enjoy following on Twitter is DKNY because I like the brand and because I like the gal who's managing the twitter account. She's fun, fab and frank - love that combo. A few weeks ago, she was tweeting all day about various destinations all over Manhattan and the other boroughs, mentioning Key To The City as she went. I mentally compartmentalized it for a later digital date and - boom - walking by the tent, there it was! I immediately went over to investigate further because I hadn't had the chance to go online to see what it was. Created by Paul Ramierez Jonas and produced by Creative Time, Key To The City is "a citywide public art project that allows every New Yorker and visitor to open spaces in all five boroughs." Yes! I got my very own booklet and an actual key (see my photo above) and was able to spend some time during my trip to check out the provided places, each one having a special lock to use your key on - super cool!

By simply following a brand I like on Twitter, I was exposed to an incredible free art project that has expanded my love for this type of work and has inspired me to find more. I also checked back on the site and have become a fan of many of the sponsors of the art project, including Creative Time. People are reading and retaining your tweets so keep it going or jump on and connect with your community.


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  1. Love your twitter story -- amazing to think about the huge impact social media has now. Really like the key + booklet too, I'm a sucker for cool graphics/fonts!


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