:: 3 reasons why twitter is the most important tool to rock ::

oh, twitter! How you've truly changed the way people communicate - for the better. Real people want real communication and the accessibility and style of Twitter has truly provided that platform. Although Sweetline is a very strong advocate of blogs and their support for professional sites, we do feel that all brands, companies, creative types must be on Twitter. Why? Here are 5 reasons.

1 :: People are talking so join the conversation or miss out
Every day, every second, people are talking so join in and take part. The beauty of Twitter is that your community is so much broader then just your niche. If you are a creative person - you reach ALL creative people. Not just, say, furniture designers if you are a furniture designer.

2 :: Twitter IS the first impression and once it's lost, it's lost forever
These days most people search a company or brand on Twitter and THEN contact them for their services. If you are not there, you most likely lost them as a customer. People want to know that you care about your own brand so when/if you work with them you care thoughtful. 

3 :: Twitter is the modern search engine
Want to know who's talking about striped pillows? Go to Twitter for a mini-focus group. Make your Twitter handle searchable via meta tags to end up in all the proper conversations. Business HAPPENS on Twitter - done and done.

Many people still say...oh twitter, i don't really get it....you NEED to get it for your own company's sake. It's actually a fantastic tool that will only help you with your brand so embrace it, learn it and have fun!

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  1. I was a non believer but joined and am now the biggest convert. I've had job offers and made both new friends and a new circle of associates that I would otherwise have missed out on. I love it!


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