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What's Hot 2010 :: Mass Mingling

:: Our group of masses at BOL 3 last year ::

We've been getting ready for the big BLOG OUT LOUD 6 event in NYC on Monday and definitely are excited! It's a great evening and an opportunity to meet tons of like-minded people and e-friends in the real world. Also known as mass mingling, real-life meet-ups stemming from social media communities are all the rage - and we get it! So many of us e-know each other and meeting in person bonds new friendships and business-ships. Trend Watching's June newsletter is all about mass mingling and it's fantastic to know that we are part of it over at BOL!

I posted over on the BOL blog that "We definitely know that long gone are the days/nights of feeling "isolated" while typing away on the keypads. Now is a time where like-minded people are connecting online and meeting offline - YES! I often share with people who aren't into social media yet that it IS relating, just in a different form. While it starts online (yes, it does take a bit to get used to at first), it's really a vehicle for forming relationships, friendships, business-ships that can be taken offline and in-person"

As you build your own social media communities, consider meeting up with new e-friends. Take advantage of possible living near a new e-friend because you never know where it can lead.

Social Media --> New Connections --> New Opportunities in Life --> New Business Opportunities --> Success

Click here to read the full TREND WATCHING JUNE 2010 article here to be on the pulse of mass mingling.


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