:: a Sweetline check-in ::

It's been two months since Sweetline launched and we wanted to do a little check in with you and share some thoughts about our company, our process and our projects. We've already spoken with and met so many talented and creative people - we love this work!

Our Company ::
Sweetline is an online brand project management company that offers two lines of interaction -
1 :: We work with lifestyle clients to get their online presence up and running
2 :: We work directly with brands to do online ideation, strategy and social media engagement for specific projects and/or overall brand building and extension.

We work with lifestyle clients - shop owners, product makers, artists, photographers, creative types - by collaborating and guiding the online presence in three ways. We You can package them together or go a la carte ::
  • Defining and concepting your online voice for your professional site
  • Teaching your how to jump in to social media and build your own community and also how to engage in others
  • Project managing the website design and build with a 3-party vendor
Our marketing and ideation work is for companies looking to engage with their communities in specific ways and targeted way.

Our Process ::
The Sweetline process can go quickly. We can get you up and running in 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the scope of work. We want you to get up online so your presence can do it's magic and your community can engage with you - that's what we are about.

Our projects are collaborative and we ask that you dedicate your time to the timeline. (We will be right there with you the entire way!) There is work on your part too and you will actually view your own company in a new light. Think of Sweetline as part-sounding board, part-manager, part-cheerleader and part-partner in the process. Your biggest client is YOUR OWN and creating an online presence is key.

Our Clients ::
We couldn't have asked for better clients to begin this adventure with so thank you for jumping in and taking this journey with Sweetline AND (of course) for your own online presence. We are currently working with lovely and talented clients - a soon-to-be launched e-decorating company, a high-end kitchen & bath hardware company and a vintage home decor shop owner. Sites and social media to be launching soon so stay tuned!

We welcome meeting you :: contact Sweetline if you are looking to get your online presence defined, created and custom built to launch online.

visit :: Sweetline's official site

follow :: @sweetlineagency

email :: rebecca@sweetlineagency.com


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