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We love sharing examples of successful company blogs and, in our opinion, The Olive Press has done it right! We spent an awesome weekend in Sonoma wine country (great weather + great wine + great food) and got to experience an olive tasting. Like wine, the olive oil bar went from light to rich and was a super neat experience. (see more here) We checked out their site and headed to their blog. Here are three successful moves this neat company did on their blog (and ones you can consider for your own):

1) They shared recipes that compliment their product - olive oil. Instead of pitching their oil as is - they shared useful + tasty ways to use their product. This is super smart + effective and a great spot for us (owners of Arbequine oil) to reference.

2) They have people who work there - write. If you are choosing to do a company culture blog (i.e. talking about your own co, behind the scenes, who you are, what you do, etc) then having your employees contributes matters.

3) They talk about the benefits of their product in a loose, cool way. Instead of feeding information on a website (which is also appropriate), The Olive Press can blog about why olive oil is good for you, better then butter and other neat anecdotes. And it feels authentic and relevant. yes!

All in all, this company really extended their brand through blogging that was more then just their product. It was about how to use the product, why it's good and how everyday people can relate to it. And they give away {free} things, like recipes and anecdotes, to make sure their community is informed. Yes!


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