:: consider your blog layout... ::
...and what kind of blogger do you want to be?

:: consider how many columns you want for your blog ::

:: and your footer to add extra content ::

You've made the move to get up online and dedicate to extending your brand through social media so let's add a little touch that makes a huge difference.

Your blog design.

More than ever, blogging platforms are providing design tools to help you with your design. and you don't have to be a designer to create a look that works for you! Color palettes and layout options are available so consider how you want your blog to feel + look to your readers.

Follow these {three} steps to create a fluid design.

1) Decide what kind of blogger you want to be and then pick your layout.
The first step to starting your blog is deciding what kind of blogger you want to be. This impacts both your content and your look. (we'll talk a lot more about this idea soon) Are you:
  • a creator of new content (say, a product maker)
  • a collector (blogs about what people like)
  • a curator (blogs that channel ideas, content, style, news)
  • a news publisher (blogs that are the source of all the news about a specific topic)
  • an encourager (blgos that inspire people to act or create)
  • a commentator (bloggers who share his/her perspectives on issue)

2) Once you have picked your voice :: consider your layout + palette.
Column-size and color are the next steps. There are tons of sites to download free blog templates of various layout size, color, genre. Or create your own via Blogger's new Designer Tool. (you can literally pick the column, width and size of all sections of your blog) If you are a photographer, then a blog that highlights your fantastic photos is a good idea. a single-column blog sounds good! If you are a curator (like me over at loving. living. small.) then a multi-column blog may feel better. I love my sidebar and my wide column for content.

3) It's all in the {small} details.
Fine details and small design moves will make your blog feel great and your readers will happily click through page after page of an ascetically pleasing blog. Things like removing borders around pictures, header and sidebar images, color-coordination, font style, justifying your copy, etc. Little design points make for a clean + interesting vibe.

And once you get going, you will enjoy making your blog look the way you want it too feel - have fun!


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