:: who is your biggest client? ::

Sweetline is all about encouraging small business owners to embrace their biggest client - their own! We are here to help guide this process and inspire small companies to get up and running. One of the first points we address in our consultations is the importance of embracing your brand - first. 

We definitely get the daily crunch. Most creative small businesses run 110% and it's busy - working with clients, concepting new ideas, placing orders, finishing tasks. It's easy to push off your online presence because, well, you are busy! But keep in mind that you are potentially losing business! These days people refer to your website FIRST before they contact you. If you don't have a site, blog or some social media community then you possibly could have just lost an interested party. Why? Because your online presence symbolizes that have taken the time to care for and represent yourself well. Some people may feel that if you haven't taken the time to invest in your own company then you may not invest in their project. It's so important in 2010 to have both a fantastic business (which you already have) as well as presentation. Be your BRAND BEST - Sweetline is here to help!


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