:: 5 tips for creating your online elevator pitch ::

do you have your elevator pitch for your business down? your 30-second description of your company, services and culture? all businesses - big and small - should have a solid + concise presentation to share with people in just a few seconds, or the length of an elevator ride. Having this memorized in your back pocket will only help you to connect with people in life both on and offline. Since social media often allows for short and sweet points, crafting your pitch can help you get in the 140 character mode. Also, the elevator pitch style of writing will help you as you begin emailing a hello to new blog contacts and e-friends. Sweetline has a little elevator pitch, or short story, that highlights what we do and who we are. We share this via email with new clients and potential relationships. As you put your digital story together, consider these few tips to help you along your way.

Sweetline tip #1 :: 100 Words
Your online elevator pitch should be about 100 words or a solid paragraph. Short + sweet is key here.

Sweetline tip #2 :: Stick To Your Goal
The goal of your digital elevator pitch is start a conversation! Remember this as you draft your digital description. Keep on track and stay streamlined.

Sweetline tip #3 ::  Highlight your Ws 
Make sure to share who, what, where and why your company does what it does in a clean and clear manner. 

Sweetline tip #4 :: Emphasize Your Niche
Focus on what you can offer clients versus why someone should work with you. This is a much more positive tone and one that is often overlooked. Sharing what you offer will encourage people to contact you. Telling people why they should work with you may turn them off. 

Sweetline tip #5 :: Say It Out Loud
Your digital elevator pitch should be fairly similar to your offline pitch (with a few more hyperlinks) Practice your pitch out loud and see how you feel. If there are any lingering questions then revise your thoughts. Your pitch shouldn't leave any wonder about you or your services.

Want to learn more about drafting elevator pitches that can only help creative people - like you - to get up and running with new clients and people? Click here to enjoy even more tips.

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