:: take a break ::
embrace your physical space

as you get your website and blog up and running, take a break! Yep, turn off your computer and go outside, read a magazine, enjoy a cupcake - do something physical. setting this routine into motion early will help you as you dive deep into the .com world when you might find yourself dizzy from 8 hours straight online, checking out blogs, writing your own, you get the picture. Creating boundaries that emphasize your physical space will help you feel refreshed, re-energized and ready to blog it out!

A few months ago, I attended a great She Says LA event called Let's Get Physical and it was all about this - embracing physical space. The panelists (all creative and innovative people) really were taking on many of the same task that I was and I really related to this. Hearing other motivated people speak about the emotionally and physically positive effect of carving out physical time each day has helped me in my digital projects. sure, I would love to go on two bike rides a day but one sweet one is a great charge to keep me mentally plugging away online.

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