:: be real by not being like one of these types ::

social media communities are all about being real, being yourself and relating to your friends. It's funny to think that social media communities - while engaging and social - really have a 1 degree barrier between you and, well, everyone else. behind the scenes and off-hours you can spring clean your social community, adding and un-adding those that annoy, bother or simply don't appeal to you. for the most part, positive and authentic social opportunities happen but there's definitely a few types of personalities out there that can actually take away from your social experience. 

fave site, Gawker, lists eight toxic types like The Oversuser (one who tells you he is taking a sip of coffee and then telling you he's putting down his coffee mug) or the The Replyer (come on, get your own original content!). As a new-to-this-whole-thing person, consider getting to know those types of people that many in the blogosphere aren't so hot on - and consider staying away yourself. too much of something is not always great and you may spend more time navigating through this small % then enjoying the majority of your fantastic community. your days are busy so streamline your communities to really get to the heart of the matter. so unfriend anyone that isn't fitting into your community and continue building the strong brand you love!

:: full article over at gawker ::

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