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We are thrilled to share our next Shine Online interviewee with you - Ali Paul - owner of bi-coastal lifestyle + fashion PR shop, Paul + Williams. As social media has become mainstream, adopting and sharing a brand's image and style via online platforms has become a great vehicle. As a seasoned publicist in the celebrity + fashion + lifestyle worlds, Ali successfully has evolved her company and, therefore, her roster of diverse clients to this medium. We also love the Paul + Williams brand new "old" site (Check out their site to see what we mean AND a great example of staying true to your own company's brand value and comfort) Let's hear what Ali has to say about the impact of social media, the modern press release, tips for pitching in the digital world and more.

1) You've been in the PR business for over ten years. How has the impact of social media, relationships and authenticity evolved how "buzz" is created around a brand?

Relationships are key when it comes to building a brand and pitching. Social Media and the ever evolving internet world has dramatically changed the PR field. Online media outlets (including social media outlets) have allowed brands to build buzz almost immediately, as opposed to the standard 3 month turnaround prior to online opportunities.

2) Many small business owners aren't always sure how to get into the mix when it comes to presenting their brand/product/company for press opportunities. What 3 tips can you offer for forming press relationships?

1. Persistence.
2. Know the outlets you are pitching, so you make an educated pitch (per outlet).
3. Meet in person with media contacts as face to face is much more effective. The internet has made it too easy not to have personal contact.

3) With the ever-growing social media community, a sort of unspoken "etiquette" has formed. What rules of thumb should small business owners follow when pitching to the press?

Study the outlets you are pitching. Know what they have to offer so you can pitch accordingly.

4) What are your thoughts on the modern-day press release? Should companies consider creating a press release or keep it loose and informal when contacting press?

It depends on what you're pitching, but as a general rule, press releases will always be important. They are a standard way of presenting a wealth of information. Again, depending on what you're pitching, the body of your email should never include every single detail so that's why it's important to also include a press release (when necessary as it largely depends on what you are pitching).

{Thanks, Ali! Click here to check out Paul + Williams}

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