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A Sweetline Story

If you told me four years ago (pre-Twitter and Facebook but some time after Friendster) when I started blogging that I would have tons of new real life and true friends that I would have dinners with, parties with and great conversations with, I wouldn't believe you. After all, I started my small space design blog, loving. living. small. to digitally chronicle my own design inspirations and I would sit alone after work, write a post, publish it, well, so I could read it. I didn't even realize that people were "reading" my blog until I received my first comment two weeks later from someone other then my mother. But the truth is now - in 2010 - blogging and social media communities are fantastic places to meet new friends and connect with real people both on and, most importantly, offline.

I want to encourage all of you to GET OFFLINE! Take your connections and e-relationships to the next level in life and continue to trailblaze and inspire with your new friendships. Many of us immersed in the daily regimen of social media conversations understand and accept that the social media platforms like twitter and facebook are just another type of platform to communicate. Like the telephone or email, tweeting and posting are ways to talk to each other and relate. But I feel there is a point where you can evolve those e-friendships and engaging in real life, in person can solidify these relationships. Whether it's on the phone or at a great new restaurant, enjoying an e-friends company is where it's at.

So how do you do this? A fantastic way to meet online people, offline is at events, like Blog Out Loud, the network I co-founded that holds offline events for creative people interested in learning more about social media. While the Blog Out Loud events are to inspire and inform new-to-social media people, we are also all about meeting and connecting with people in person. There's something honest and comforting by observing that the you are not in this blogosphere alone. Even incredibly successful bloggers have time management issues, not always nice comments and some days just get overwhelmed. I know I do! Like anything, by seeing that you are in good {and very nice} company, you are given an extra push to keep going and creating. So attend events that stem from digital media - they are very popular. I also suggest taking those DMs to email or the phone. I've had amazing business opportunities for Sweetline and loving. living. small. via Twitter by simply responding to a DM with a "Let's take this to email and chat".  And if a blog inspires you, send the blogger an email and tell them in a simple and honest "Hey I love your blog" way. Keep that new email relationship going and remember that you have the blog genre in common and you have already connected.

Overall I hope everyone embraces being online as an opportunity to connect offline. There's always opportunities to meet new, like-minded people in sincere ways and take it into real life.

Speaking of Blog Out Loud, we are hosting BOL7 in Los Angeles on Tues, 9/21 at Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Click here to RSVP and attend to meet our incredible panel of lifestyle bloggers and tastemakers.


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