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We love spending a few minutes a day clicking through our bookmarks. We have them separated into categories (DESIGN, HOME, PAPER, MUSIC, POP CULTURE, etc) and it makes it easy to get a quick hit of inspiration. We recently clicked onto fashion site, Kate Spade. We've always been a fan of Kate Spade's website because it completely represents the brand + culture + style of the fashion brand AND there's tons to enjoy behind-the-scenes, which basically is their blog.  From the happening of the recent photo shoot (pictured above) to their WE LOVE section (just like Sweetline Suggests), the website is a fantastic example a company being professional yet sharing tons of personality. 

The neat thing is - you can do this for your company too. Next time you have a neat event at your shop, take your employees out for lunch or launch a n
ew line - shoot it with your camera.  This is a great opportunity to then share your personality with your social community. So go ahead and capture those behind-the-scenes.

By the way, how cool is the new media component on Kate's site? Just click into one of the frames and play a video right there. We first saw this on fave home design virtual mag, Nesting Newbies. Love this!

:: Images via Kate Spade ::


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