:: market your brand without "marketing"
a dose of inspiration from seth godin

as we are rolling along on the social media train, a lot of people have opinions on a lot of different things and, you know what, that's a good thing! but, in my opinion, one person has maintained a level of authenticity and understanding of this new Relationship Era and that's Seth Godin. Candid, thoughtful, soulful and smart, Seth's words universally resonate and seem to capture a snapshot of where we are in the social media worlds. (As they say, a picture says 1000 words)

I was reading one of Seth's older books (older being only four years ago), Small is the New Big, and came across a statement that made so much sense to me, I think it just altered how I perceive my own business and work. Seth states, "Markets engage in conversations, but marketing often doesn't. Most brands are actually monologues, not dialogues. A conversation might create a better, more robust, and useful brand..." YES!

So many people want to do marketing for their brand rather than market their brand. What should we be doing then? Establishing your "brand" and enjoy a dialogue, a 2-sided conversation, with your community. Sure, you can have a marketing strategy in place but when you execute your plan, embrace your market.


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