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We had dinner the other night with a friend who has 25 successful years of real estate in her back pocket and we got to talking about the popularity of social media. She told me that everyone in her office was dashing to get online and she wondered if it was right for her. After hearing her story, I gave her my opinion which was sure, if you want to get in the mix go for it but don't leave your real-life experience out.  Hear her story and my resolve below to get a better idea.  I hope it inspires you...

Her story >>
  • 25 years of real estate experience
  • 99% word-of-mouth referrals
  • Incredible reputation
  • Doesn't use (or need to) an iphone or blackberry for work
Sweetline's opinion >>
  • She's an expert in her field 
  • Top of her game
  • Has incredible word-of-mouth reputation
  • She is living social media. 
  • She has relationships, connections, authenticity and buzz

So what does this mean to you? If you are an expert in your field and you are considering jumping into the social media mix, bring along ALL of your years of experience with you and remember where your audience is. Are they online or are they in the real-world? If they are in the real-world, stay offline with them. Still email. Still have in-person meetings. Still attend events (like the photo above) Still do what you have been doing - it's working!! Think of social media as simply a way to extend your brand to new people and communities.


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